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Generative art experiment

The following are a few artworks generated using artificial intelligence in the platform Mid Journey.

Goldfish in the sky drinking cococola
Fairy drinking tea in a house of sugar candies
Curious Creations on earth
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Crypto to Climate Change

What is the connection between crypto and climate change?

Crypto network, whether it is for currency mining or NFT market, consumes an enormous amount of power. This is because they use what is known as Proof of Work algorithm. New Etherium 2.0 uses less power since it uses Proof of Stake algorithm. Artists and creators should explore and adopt ways to use NFTs which consume less power and are eco-friendly so that we can continue to be sustainable. In this direction we have taken a pledge as depicted below:

We have created an artwork to address climate change and inspire the world to take action.

How does climate change affect you?
How does climate change affect you?

The above graphic was submitted to Talent House

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