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How does AI Video look like?

steampunk style

I did some exploration of the RunwayML with video to video style transfer.

First I uploaded a public domain video shot (downloaded from Pixabay ) ‘dancing’. Then I stylized using the presets available there Each video can be output for 5 seconds only as of now.

This was stylized as ‘colorful claymation’ :

Another style ‘paper art’ transfered to the video clip:

With watercolor style it looks like this:

Here is a ‘steampunk style’ transfered to the above video:

Interesting styles! This is what is ‘manga style’ video:

An here is the dancer replaced with a zebra!

Cool eh. This is free trial. You can join and enjoy. There is a paid version too. All completely online browser based, so you don’t need to install any app. Experiment and enjoy.