Natural Finish Wood Ball Care
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Wood Care Simplified

Wood Care is a simple technique that can be easy to master with a proper understanding of the nature of wood.

table wood care

crafted wood table

Wood is an excellent material for making many household items especially wood furniture. Wood is mostly durable and lends itself to be made into virtually any shape. People adorn wood furniture for their beauty, comfort and weather friendliness. In fact you may see wood furniture and other artifacts being passed over from generation to generation.

Simple Wood Care

For a simple wood care first of all you have to understand the type of wood and how the wood has been treated and finished for care.

old furniture wood care

Old Wood Furniture Care

However, wood care and protecting wood from rot or other damage needs skill. Simple dusting can protect the wood for a long time. Keeping moisture and heat away also helps in wood care if the wood is untreated. Seasoned wood does not warp under adverse climates.

Guitar Wood Care

Wood Guitar Care

Precautions in Wood Care

It is best to regularly clean the wood articles with a soft brush and cloth to remove dust and water. Keep the wood dry. If the wood is stained or soiled use a fine grade emery paper to sand the surface carefully. Do not use liquid detergents or solvents for proper wood care. To remove old paint from wood surface use N C Thinner (which evaporates easily) and wipe the wood surface with sponge and cloth several times. Keep the wood in the sun to dry itand get rid of residual thinner. Warning: Thinner will remove paint, lacquer and wax from the wood surface. Use only when necessary for safe wood care.

Ball Wood Care - Natural Finish

Natural Finish Wood Ball

Safe Wood Care

To finish with natural wood grains, coat the wood with clear lacquer, varnish or was polish. Wood containing damaged marks or unattractive texture can be masked with any colored paint. Give a coat of wood primer before applying the paint. Use the appropriate thinner to dilute the paint. You can brush or spray the paint to get a nice finish. Allow the paint to dry slowly and do not rush to heat it to quicken the drying.

Fine Dinner Table Wood Care

Fine Wood Dinner Table Care

Wood Care Tip

For undamaged wood surfaces you can use Olive Oil mixed with a little vinegar which cleans as well as polishes the wood. Always test your cleaner or polish on a small innocuous (hidden from normal view) area to see if it works as desired.