Our GST Regn No: 29AIMPR4577R1ZWdated 03.11.2017
MSME registration Udyog Aadhaaar No.KR03A0002013 dated 01/10/2015
Importer Exporter Code No: 3209015031 dated 17.11.2009

Curion Creations, as the name indicates, is endeavouring to provide its customers with objects of curious nature. They are handicrafts, antiques, collectibles, decorative items, gem and jewelry, interior objects, and anything aesthetic. We create our own products employing talented artisans. We also source some products from village artisans spread throughout India. By buying and using these products, we are able to contribute to these peoples livelihood.

We are interested in art, design and beauty in all forms. However we strive to add quality as much as possible. We give value to functionality as well. As you may see from our quality policy, we are pro quality and environment friendly. we do use synthetics whenever required and if they are non-toxic and eco-friendly. We clearly mention the nature of such products.

You may have creative design abilities or you may want to get something done especially for you. We are at your service. We can design and custom make art objects for you to suit your taste and your interior or ambiance.

We are involved in making the world an enjoyable place.